My drone career began in 2014 when this tiny black drone my son got for Christmas piqued my interest.


My first drone

“The Neutron”

He was way too young to fly it, but I tried it inside and it was NOT easy to fly. In fact, whenever I tell people my drone origin story, I mention that: “if you can fly this drone…Mavics, Inspires and Phantoms are easy!” (NOTE: I still have The Neutron, and it works great!)

So, the Neutron got me hooked, and mostly I experimented with toy drones.

In 2015, everything changed.

At the time, I worked for an online marketing company, and we decided to offer drone/aerial photography and videography to our clients. I was also borrowing a neighbor’s Phantom 3 and flying it pretty regularly. He was getting frustrated flying it and had already had a few near-crashes. I tried it to see if I could teach him, and it just made sense. I don’t know if it was the fact that it was actually easier to fly than toy-grade drones, but whatever it was, it was pretty incredible for me. And I was good at it. 😉

It changed my life…and my love for drones and drone-related tech was born. So was rotospace.com. 🚁💨💨💨

Thank you for visiting.

This website is dedicated to the memory of my grandmother, Rita “GG”.
My grandmother, Rita,was a massive source of inspiration to me. She truly lived a long, wonderful life well into her 90s. At least once a day, I wish I could call her to tell her all I’m doing with drones (and my other business ventures), but she knows :)

She always told me to chase my dreams and never sell myself short. I will always honor her memory by living each day like this.




I’ve also been helping people on YouTube📺. It has been a lot of fun.